The Hater’s Guide to Thorium Reactors

Programming note: I made the mistake of promising a Twitter thread on thorium reactors today. I ain’t got time for a 14-tweet thread and f***ing CHARACTER LIMITS. So have this blog post instead. I’ve got six beers and a few hours to pound this one out. Enjoy! It’s time to have The Talk, friends. You’veContinue reading “The Hater’s Guide to Thorium Reactors”

Thoughts on spot uranium – “spoughts”

A common source of anxiety for uranium retail investors, spot price down a nickel or dime, has been “where is this uranium coming from? The dudes on YouTube said spot was empty…” Inasmuch as an illiquid, opaque, complex market with relatively few buyers and sellers can have rules – we can at least attempt toContinue reading “Thoughts on spot uranium – “spoughts””

Chasing Your Tails (Assay), Part Two

Armed with a basic understand of enrichment, let’s dig deeper into enrichment math and the vagaries of secondary uranium supply. New to the blog? Part one of this post on enrichment can be found here. Summary (TL;DR) It’s not the only source of secondary supply, but excess enrichment capacity can artificially reduce the demand forContinue reading “Chasing Your Tails (Assay), Part Two”

Chasing Your Tails (Assay), Part One

Enrichment is often a black box, but understanding it is key to fine-tuning any model of global uranium requirements. Here’s part one of an overview of enrichment technology. [Edited 6/15/20: added clarification between operational and contractual tails assay. Thanks, Dale!] Summary (TL;DR) Reactors require fuel with a higher-than-naturally-occurring concentration of the uranium-235 isotope. U-235 concentrationContinue reading “Chasing Your Tails (Assay), Part One”

Olympic Dam Production in 1Q20

Old news, but BHP’s Olympic Dam mine had a drop in uranium production in the first quarter of 2020. The news broke as the global COVID-19 pandemic was starting to heat up…but I was skeptical when others tried to link the shortfall to the virus. In this post, I will share my data and methodologyContinue reading “Olympic Dam Production in 1Q20”

Let’s Talk About The EIA Uranium Report

I’m two weeks late on this one, but the EIA’s Uranium Marketing Annual Report, released on 26 May 2020, has a lot of great tidbits in it. It’s an absolute treasure trove of information for members of the uranium community without access to paid services. Here are a few data-driven takeaways from my initial read-throughContinue reading “Let’s Talk About The EIA Uranium Report”